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You will learn the basics for the Cha Cha Cha, Waltz, Tango, Social Foxtrot, Salsa, Rumba, Quick Step and Jive.

Keith and Judy will show you some simple figures and a touch of ‘flash’ in their friendly, fun and unique way. It’s like having private lessons with them.

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This website is your ‘go to’ place to learn how to dance your favourite Ballroom and Latin American dances. Kevin, Joanne and ourselves, with all our combined experiences of teaching people of all ages and all levels will show you the basic steps of the dances you need.

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Our videos are designed to work around you and your life. Learn at the speed that suits you and your lifestyle.

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Learn in the privacy and comfort of your own home – putting you at ease and at a time to suit you.

Simple easy to follow stages

Covering a large range of dances in easy to learn segments. Review the videos as often as you need.

Dance with the best

Our professionally produced videos are like private lessons with numerous World Class Champions.

Dancing is transformative and Keith and Judy certainly know how to transform two left feet. It’s true when they say, the more you learn to dance the more you want to dance and the more you can.

Thanks Keith and Judy for your expertise and for all the fun that goes with it. We have had a ball and long may it continue. Tom Chambers- eat your heart out!

- Margaret and David Quantrill

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Can anyone Dance?

Of course, you can! Dancing is movement to music and yes, even you, can do this.

For all two left footers out there we will make one right ! You don’t need any previous experience or inate dancing ability .

This website is designed especially for you. So get started now, with or without a partner, in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need to worry about people watching you and you can watch your purchased dances over and over again.

What will dancing do for me?

The benefits and enjoyment derived from being able to dance are many. If you are with somebody you can enjoy an evening out at a function doing something amazing together.

Don’t just sit all evening drinking when dancing, enjoying the music and keeping fit can add so much more to your life. Certainly, ballroom dancing regularly comes high on the list of beneficial active pursuits.

Dancing also increases your self confidence, especially for single people who use this skill to meet others.

As they say, dancing is the physical celebration of your soul. Start now and live it, love it, dance it.