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Smooch, or Social Foxtrot, is the easier, more social version of the Slow Foxtrot. Some say it was the renowned dance performers, Vernon and Irene Castle that developed the steps or it may have been the Vauderville actor Harry Fox during certain dance shows but music is always the instigator of dances and Blues and Ragtime music of the early 1900’s played at between 30 and 40 bars a minute was very instrumental in the emergence of a four step walking dance that was suitable for packed dance floors.

This smaller version of the Foxtrot allowed people to learn quickly a very useful dance, especially when dances were used for social interacting ie. spouse hunting.

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Dancing is transformative and Keith and Judy certainly know how to transform two left feet. It’s true when they say, the more you learn to dance the more you want to dance and the more you can.

Thanks Keith and Judy for your expertise and for all the fun that goes with it. We have had a ball and long may it continue. Tom Chambers- eat your heart out!

- Margaret and David Quantrill

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A great dance for your plus one

The dance allows conversation with your partner

The dance is slow, played and danced at walking pace, in close hold and gradually moves anticlockwise around the floor, the leader mainly facing the walls. The dance allows conversation with your partner and uses many of the great standards of the American songbook sung by many famous singers.

This is the most useful dance you will ever learn.

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