Q. How much room do I need?

The stationary dances like Cha Cha & Jive require very little space but the Waltz needs more as it is a circulatory dance. Just learn the figures individually with small steps and put them together when a bigger space is available.

Q. Is this a substitute for class lessons?

No. It is additional to the classes given by dance teachers but it is available if you can’t make it to a class.

Q. Will there be additional Technical information?

Yes. We are all going to input  technical advice to dance better in a special area on the site.

Q. Will you be adding more figures?

Yes. Further figures will be added in more Courses for Beginner, Improver and Advanced levels.

Q. Where do I find the Bundle option?

You will be offered the Bundle on the final payments page.

Q. I’ve registered, what next?

Registering is simply to access the site and have an email available to us to impart information, additions and further offers, plus knowing of special events in advance of others. Now you can view the snippets of each dance and decide which to purchase.

Q. Is this suitable for people who can already dance?

Certainly. Not everyone will know all the figures used and Kevin and Joanne can be seen dancing them as they should be danced.

Q. What about music to practice to?

We have specially recorded music on the site for you to download and use for practice. More will be added periodically.

Q. Will my partner want to learn with me?

Have patience. Everything comes to those who practice. Encourage your partner and laugh as you learn.

Q. How long do the dances take to learn?

Impossible to say as everyone’s different and it depends on how much you practice. Take your time or go for it, but just stick at it.

Q. Are the dances okay to learn on your own?

No problem! Learn the basic steps and be ready for dancing with a partner when the occasion arises.

Q. What are the introduction levels of dances?

most figures and combinations will be added to the Beginner level. Improved and Advanced levels are in the pipeline, to be announced soon.

Q. Am I too old to learn to dance? Don’t dancers start young?

Nobody is too old. Dancing is suitable for everyone. Just choose the dances most suitable to you and learn to the level you can manage and enjoy.

Q. But I have two left feet. How can I learn to dance?

We’ll make one of them right. People say if you can walk you can dance, it’s just being taught properly and doing plenty of practice.

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